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Posting Rules in Terms_xx
Please follow these simple and clear rules when posting on this forum:


  • Make sure to check each forum section for supplemental posting rules. Some sections may have their own rules. For example, contest related topics may have their own posting rules (eg. cutoff times).

  • Posting referral links are prohibited unless you receive permission from the Administration first.

  • Posting regular links that may contribute to the content of the topic are allowed, but should be avoided if possible. Some examples of allowable links include links to screenshots or videos. If you have any questions about what links are allowed, please ask the forum Administration.

  • All posts should include useful and relevant information related to the topic being posted in.

  • All posts should be unique. Copying/Pasting content from other websites is not allowed. Plagiarism is not allowed.

  • Very short posts (eg. 1-2 words) should be avoided. For example, if all you have to say is "Thank You" then you can use the like button, increase a person's reputation, post a message on their profile, or send a PM instead.

  • Very large or excessive quoting is not allowed. If you are quoting another member's post, be specific and isolate exactly what you are replying to. Do not quote an entire long quote just to say something small. Very large quotes clog up the forum and affect readablity in a negative way.


  • Make sure to check each forum section for supplemental rules. Some sections may have their own rules. For example, new topics inside the Advertising sections should first be approved by the Forex Zone Administration before being started.

  • You do NOT need prior approval before starting new topics on this forum. Members are free to post new topics without receiving permission first unless stated otherwise.

  • Before starting a new topic, first check to make sure a similar topic doesn't already exist. If a similar topic already exists, post in that existing topic instead of creating a new one.

  • If you start a new topic, it should include useful information and should include real content. If all you have to say is 1-2 lines of text or if you simply want to ask a question, please do not start a new topic.

  • New topics created should be relevant to the section they are being started under.

We reserve the right to remove or modify content which does not abide by the rules stated above.

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